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Did you know you can vote today? Or that you can vote by mail? >>>>>> Find out how and where you can vote, here.

The 23rd State House district includes most of downtown Ann Arbor, the City of South Lyon, Superior Township, Salem Township, and parts of Plymouth, Northville, Lyon, and Ann Arbor Townships. (see map below)


You may be wondering "what happened to my old district?" Every ten years, our state, along with the rest of the country, goes through redistricting, where legislative lines are redrawn. This year, Michigan drew lines differently than they have before. In 2018, Michigan voters approved a ballot proposal led by a group called "Voters Not Politicians" which amended the Michigan constitution to establish a commission of citizens to draw fair and independent district lines. Final district lines for the 2022 election were approved by the Committee on December 28, 2021, resulting in the lines you see today. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 7.11.18 PM.png

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Need an absentee ballot? Find out how to get one here:

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